Jun 24

Silver Wardrobe showcases fashionable collections of silver jewellery

Silver Wardrobe can be a stylish -one-stop’ specialist on the web Jewellery boutique which showcases inspired and contemporary collections of Sterling Silver jewellery. Simplicity, style, value and choice are key to our handpicked pieces, many of that appeal wardrobe extensive. Combined with the longevity of quality 925 Sterling Silver, Silver Wardrobe’s ethos is formed.

This particular Spring Silver wardrobe has handpicked three gorgeous new choices. These include -Signature’, our primary collection of understated, elegant and iconic parts that appeal wardrobe wide. Our -Boutique’ assortment showcases chic lustrous pearls and effortlessly elegant pieces, and finally our -Artisan’ collection is actually globally inspired, introducing wonderfully organic smoothness and unusual design. .

All our pieces tend to be passionately and carefully selected and can include a comprehensive range of top quality Bangles, Bracelets — including luxurious cotton woven friendship necklaces, unusual Pendants (all of us always provide a free 16” sterling silver snake chain with our pendants) statement bands, gift sets and also Special Offers.

We offer an inconvenience free complimentary Reward delivery service, and fast, secure delivery which is free about all purchases above 50*. For choice and adaptability our delivery alternatives include next day and also international.
All Silver wardrobe jewellery is delivered protectively in a exclusive Silver wardrobe Gift container, and our free of charge Silver Polishing cloth could keep your Silver wardrobe jewellery because pristine as the evening it was delivered.
Founder Pippa Wilmore has combined passion, experience and the idea that -Style is a simple means of saying complicated things- to create Silver wardrobe.

Whilst Pippa’s creative Arts background has built the actual foundations of the company, her strong list experience including a job as Accessory and also Clothing Buyer for a multiple retailer have combined to create Silver wardrobe: A unique, hassle-free and dynamic company that delivers contemporary silver jewelry

Jun 23

Top 7 Quotes And Messages To Have Engraved In Jewellery

Who is it for?

This will determine the type of message you’ll want to engrave. If you are unsure of what to engrave for a great friend, a good idea is to use the Internet or go to a library to find a compilation of good quotes relating to what you are looking for. Similarly, if you are looking for quotes relating to love, the Internet has some great sites that have hundreds if not thousands of quotes. The important thing is to be able to pick the good from the cheesy.

Make sure the jewellery that you have bought can be engraved

Some jewellery cannot be engraved, so make sure when you buy it that you ask the jeweller. Some surfaces cannot be engraved, and some areas may be too fine to write on.

Consider the amount of space you have to engrave on

Your quote or message needs to fit in the allocated area you have for engraving. With rings it really needs to be short and simple. Bangles and some pendants however have lots of room to fit a whole quote or longer message.

Many people have diamond rings engraved with a message before proposing to that special someone. It can be a lovely added personal touch your partner will remember forever.

Engraving in another language can be romantic

Engraving in another language is a very romantic idea. Whether or not it is a language they know, it adds something extra to a romantic inscription.

Some great quotes

Here are some traditional yet timeless quotes for partners:

* ti amo, sei mia means, I Iove you, you’re mine now in Italian.
* amor vincit omnia means, Love conquers all in Latin.
* A simple ‘I love you’ with each other initials is also a good

Jun 23

Concerning the origins of wedding diamond ring.

Some time immemorial record of diamond is full of an unimaginable and romantic color: Because of the diamond, rare and extraordinary, people think, she is a star to fall in fragment be the left side; In addition, it is seen as being the teardrop of absolute being on the crystal of land. Word with English, in the diamond” diamond”, French artificial” inset manufactured diamond of”, German artificial” Diamant”, Russia artificial” Almaz”, they wholesale jewelry ” adamas” in the Greece in time immemorial, meaning are not able to overcome. Being a diamond is pure, brightness, and difficult and special characteristic, make it becomes a sign that the abyss of their time loves. Pass by, people feel that the arrows that Cupid Cupid loves top makes use of diamond to help make into, therefore she becomes to conquer by the loving conquest strength. The diamond considers as the trophy token with love the first-time ring, the story took place in 1477, the mark of Austria, France west rice even, for any sake of good to princess Mary’s love, because Mary is too beautiful and with pursuing of many people, have got never arrived her love, the mark is western rice even even many advisers call for providing advice and suggestion, it is finally suggested the love that will can get her of that the diamond ring symbolizes eternal really like, is getting more wholesale jewelry, wear a diamond ring in the princess’ finger. Soon afterward, drive used for the mark that links phrase this method west the rice connect, really effective, be he put a diamond ring symbol love and little by little on the left ring finger up wear, be princess Mary, princess Mary promises. The tradition that started the promise diamond wedding band gift from people. At the same time,

Jun 23

Simple Ideas For Handmade Jewellery

If you want a simple and fun gift to give your special girl/guy on Valentine’s Day, something quick and easy for your friends or if you just want to have something cool to wear around your neck or draped from your ears, simple handmade jewellery can be pretty addictive. Here are five ideas to throw around if you feel like trying your hand at making your own jewellery at home.

You can get a brick of polymer clay for the change in your pocket right now and use it to sculpt just about anything you could possibly want. You could make your sister’s favorite cartoon character or a yellow submarine for the music fan in your life. Just get the appropriate hooks to put in the top, bake, and you’ve got unique, one of a kind, handmade earrings or pendants.

Recycled Wire Jewellery
Reduce, reuse, recycle. If you have any spare wire hanging around, even if it’s just an extra long paperclip, a pair of needlenose pliers can keep that metallic content out of the landfills and turn it into a nice little piece of art, instead. You might want to wear some thin leather gloves if you’re not too experienced with wire sculpting, though, as it does have a tendency to snap around and poke at the fingertips. Wire sculpts are a great way to make cool pins and rings.

The cool thing about beading is that you really don’t need anything but a spool of thread and a handful of beads to get started. It’s really just about the easiest way in the world to make jewellery, leaving you free to just play around and figure out what your unique, one of a kind necklaces are going to look like.

Jun 22

Diamond Ring Stores – Some Quick Tips.

Diamond ring stores – which store is the question.

The first question is, should you buy your diamond ring online or offline?

Well here’s why I think online might be your best option. First the price; chances are, you will pay less money by buying your diamond ring online.

Why? Well think about it. If you buy your diamond ring at a local jewelry store, the jeweler has to pay for the real estate, the taxes, and the advertisement. Now the same jeweler – let’s imagine he has an online store – he doesn’t have to pay for real estate, the taxes are way down, and the advertisement online is cheaper.

So the price is one thing. The second thing, if you buy offline, chances are you will be harassed by the sales people in the jewelry store making you feel cheap because you haven’t invested, you know, thousands and thousands of dollars in your first diamond ring. So it can be unpleasant.

Third reason; the choice. If you buy at your local jewelry store, well basically the choices are what’s there – right? But if you go online, the choices are virtually limitless.

The other question is how do you make sure that you don’t get scammed if you buy your diamond ring online?

Well, here are three quick tips.

Number one; make sure that the website or the company has a return policy so that if you buy the diamond ring and you don’t like the way it looks or it’s not what you want, you can simply put it back in the box and send it back to the company and get your money back. So make sure it has a good return policy and you read the fine print.

Jun 22

Invicta Watches For Men Classy And Reasonable

Invicta watches for men epitomize the most excellent quality and reasonable prices in the market today. Invicta began as a watch business in Switzerland originating in the 1800’s, but in the 1990’s was bought by an United States company, and re-headquartered in Florida. The tradition of first-class watch creating continues, as many of the watch parts are still Swiss made. The new ownership of Invicta has sparked more clear ideas for the business and has innovated new focus resulting in increasingly special watch lines.

Many have responded to the tradition of choice quality products that Invicta makes, as Invicta has become one of the best selling watch producers, selling in excess of $50 million in products annually. The vast majority of Invicta watches are purchased on Amazon where they advertise many of Invicta watch styles. Some of Amazon’s better selling Invicta watches for men consist of the Russian Diver series that can be a couple hundred dollars depending on the particular model you pick and Pro Diver line, watches which boast pricing in the fifty dollar range and frequently lower. As you can see, the assortment in price schedule allows much more assortment in buyer targets, since there is a watch for everyone’s price range.

In Latin the word “Invicta” means “invincible.” Clearly, from the origination of the Invicta brand, the business had its vision set on being the best, and annihilating the competition. The seventies and eighties brought in the invention of the quartz watch, whose use exploded massively corresponding to their inexpensive cost (and also budget quality).

Invicta watch company suffered, just about fading out of existence. Invicta responded with a dangerous plan of action: creating even increased quality watches such as the Pro Diver line and watches with rare style features such as gold

Jun 22

Indian Jewellery, A World Treasure

Indian jewellery is famous worldwide. People all around the globe wish to own gold jewellery of India. Ranging from pieces covered in rich gold all the way to wooden ornaments, Indian jewellery has it all.

India has been subject to various empires taking over the land for decades and centuries. Hence, the blend of various dynasties of culture and architecture has provided India with a plethora of richness. This variety of richness is symbolic of the ancient wealth present here. Ornaments were made from gold, silver, bronze, precious stones like rubies, corals, diamonds and so on. What is more, Indian jewellery does not constrain itself to just gold, but it extensively includes the use of glass, marble , plastic rice and various other metals. Gold jewellery in India ranged from bangles to long necklaces which were in demand worldwide. Weddings were the main occasions when this elaborate blend of clothing and jewellery would be displayed followed by festivals. Purchasing and owning jewellery was a form of displaying ones status in society.

The jewellery stores in India are a real treat because of the sheer display of astounding pieces of jewellery. The jewellery in some of the old and famous stores are nothing less than a work of art.

Today, the advancement in technology has made life so simple that purchasing almost anything over the internet is like a walk in the park. There are various online jewellery sites that help you purchase jewellery online. All you need to do is follow a simple procedure where payment and billing methods are concerned. These online sites provide safety along with great convenience. The products available online are of the same quality of the ones that are available in jewellery stores. Purchasing jewellery online for your needs is equally beneficial as

Jun 19

Cushion Cut Diamond Ring – Some Quick Tips.

Cushion cut diamond engagement ring – five quick tips.

I’ve received a lot of questions about cushion cut diamond engagement rings and how to not get screwed and save money.

So here are five quick tips.

Number one – what exactly is a cushion cut? As you know, there are four C’s to evaluate a diamond ring. The color, the carat, the clarity, and the cut. I’ll explain them to you in a few minutes, but one of them is the cut. The cut is really how the diamond itself is cut. There are multiple different kinds of cuts, and one of them is called the cushion cut. Now, why is it called the cushion cut? Well really, it looks like a pillow if you’d like. It’s one of the oldest cuts. In fact, it was very popular in the 1900s. At that time, the technology to do the cutting of the diamond was not as advanced as today. So this is why these diamonds have 60 facets, meaning around 20 facets less than the other cuts. So, it creates diamonds that have “less sparkle”.

Which, brings me to the second tip, the color. The color relates to the fact that some diamonds are really, really white and some diamonds are more “yellowish”. Of course, the whiter a diamond, the more value it has. Unfortunately, a lot of the cushion cut diamonds are more in the “yellowish category”, so make sure if you’re going to buy a cushion cut diamond that it is still well graded on the color criteria.

Tip number three is you can pay less money playing with the carat. The carat is the weight of the diamond. Instead of paying for a two carat engagement ring, pay for a 1.95 or 1.90. To

Jun 18

Purchasing vintage heart shape diamond rings

If at all there is one thing that we can all agree on in the world today it is the fact that there are so many people who appreciate the use of vintage items at one point or the other. Vintage items usually tend to have a story behind them that makes you want to get them and own a piece of the story, especially if it is a tale worth telling. The same applies to heart shape diamond rings. If you were to ask a lot of the people who have the diamond rings that have been passed down through generations, you will really get an earful of stories that come with the diamond rings. Today there are also those who have chosen to sell the vintage diamond rings for their own reasons, and as such you can always shop around for them and get to own a piece or as many of them as you desire.

One thing that you must always know when purchasing heart shape diamond rings is that you need to be very careful about how you go about making the purchases. First of all, you must make sure that the diamonds you are purchasing really are diamonds. With this in mind you will need to steer clear of the fake diamonds or anything that is made out to be a diamond ring but is a fake. You will need to ensure that you know how to tell the real ones from the fake ones, or if you cannot, then you need to find someone who can do that for you. a lot of the vintage diamonds usually cost quite a sum of money and for the same reason therefore you have to make sure that you get the real worth of what you

Jun 18

Carat Diamond Ring

Nothing makes a statement like a 2 carat diamond ring. Regardless of whether you want to buy the ring as a gift to yourself, for a loved one or as an engagement ring, the carat size is ideal to make an eternal mark in the persons heart. Now that you have decided on the perfect size for the centre diamond or solitaire, depending on the design you choose, you will need to zero in on the perfect design. You can find quite a few options by just browsing through images of diamond rings on the Internet. This is an ideal way of going about it before approaching a diamond dealer or jewelry design house for making the item. To make things even simpler for you, given below are some of the most preferred design styles ideal for a two carat diamond ring.

The Solitaire ring
This is a ring that holds only the 2 carat diamond in a band. If simple is what you favor, this may be the right choice for you. All you have to do is decide whether you want the stone to be set in gold, white gold or platinum, choose the cut you desire and select a style for the setting. While the precious metal depends on individual inclination, the setting depends hugely on the cut you choose. Having said this, you can never go wrong with a simple solitaire ring that has a good diamond with considerably high color, clarity and cut grades.

The two carat center stone ring
This can be a ring with one or two diamonds set on both sides next to the center 2 carat diamond. This design looks beautiful if all three diamonds possess the same cut, clarity and color grades. It is also more attractive

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